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Nokia N95 Video Calling

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Call your friends – see them live and chat

Note: your network should support video calling . Please contact your mobile phone carrier to see whether they allow video calling .

You can see a secondary camer on the front side of your nokia mobile which allows the video calling,to

enable video calling, you must first invest in a USIM card (an advanced SIM used in 3G mobile phones) and be in the coverage of a UMTS (3G) network.

If you are ready with all the features above , go through the following steps to make a video calling .

From the start-up screen:

· Main Menu button to the left of the directional keys

· >>Contacts

· Select the contact you wish to make Video Call with

· >> Options >> Video Call

You will see a message saying “Waiting for a video call” .when the call is ready , you can chat . enjoy

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