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How to create your own skin for UltraMP3 Player:

1. Edit existing, or create new following images:

·         “skin.pcx” – main background image
resolution: 176×208, 8-bit palletized

·         “spr.pcx” and “spr_a.pcx” – sprites drawn over the background
both are 8-bit paletized images
these two images contain sprites and their transparency masks
do not change positions and size of sprites, because they are read from predefined rectangles within image, and if you draw outside of rectangle, your sprite will be cropped
there’re two files – rgb color, and alpha mask (grayscale, with 5 grades from black to white)
this is optional element, and if not present, default sprites are used


Note: this skin tutorial ships with images in PSD format, which contain hidden layers that may help you to design your skin. Useful layer set in “skin.psd” is named “Components”, and this defines size of each component (the size cannot be changed), you can change the position of components, and adjust the position in “skin.ini” script – see next point.
In “spr.psd”, there’s hidden layer named “rects” which define positions and size of sprite rectangles – these cannot be moved or scaled, and your sprites must fit into these rectangles.

 2. Create component definition file “skin.ini”

This is a text file with definition of components – their positions and colors. You cannot change the positions of components (e.g. song name, volume bar, etc) in the skin.

3. Pack all these files into one zip file

All the skin files must be in the root directory of the zip.

   - you may use any compression level, the higher the better

   - change extension of final zip file to “mp3skin”, e.g. “MySkin.mp3skin”

 4. Upload the file into your mobile, and click on it in inbox

The player will be run, and will copy your skin to its local directory and install it afterwards.

After installing, you may safely delete the file from your inbox.

5. To change current skin, run the player, and use menu to select different skin.


Reference files:

·         skin.psd – working image for background

·         spr.psd – working image for sprites

·         skin.ini – script file for skin

·         ferrari.mp3skin – example of final skin, you may look what’s inside of this zip-packed file

see below link for an example :

 Example ultra mp3 skin/theme- clik here to download example


Copyright (c) Lonely Cat Games

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  1. by darkness, on November 10 2009 @ 6:35 am


    can you send a video to me
    video about how to make mp3 skin plezzz

  2. by archie canales, on January 21 2010 @ 6:53 am


    hi, archie canales and im very interested regarding this matter,please make some video about this, i want to learn it thank you very much

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