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Symbian OS (SE P800/P900, Nokia Series 60) / COMMUNICATION

VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60  qcboxesnokia.gif
VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 is a contact manager for Nokia Series 60 phones that includes everything you need to call your contacts, input phone numbers and quickly look up contacts in your phone book. QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 allows you to stay connected on the go! It’s specially designed to use only joystick for speedy look up of contacts.

main features
VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60 offers two search options to find necessary contacts way too quicker and easier than the default software.


* Fill the boxes at the bottom of the screen with letters to find a necessary contact
* Press Up and Down to quickly scroll the list of contacts page by page
* Press Right to select the first letter of the upper contact displayed on the screen
* Go on pressing Right or Left to select and deselect first 5 letters of a contact name; they appear in the boxes
* Press Up or Down to change the last letter in the boxes
* After you have selected some letters of a contact name, QuickContact will mark the contats that contain this sequence of letters
* Press the central joystick button and then Up or Down to switch between the marked contacts
* Press once again to choose a contact

Diamond panel:

* Press the joystick buttons to sort contacts by choosing letters. You may need to press them twice, for example to input the letter H you will need to press Up > Right
* Press double Left to cancel (C) previously selected letters one by one
* Press & Hold C (Left > Left & Hold) to empty search panel altogether
* Press Right > Right & Hold to enter the symbol #.
* Press & hold 0 to enter + (Down > Down & Hold)
* QuickContact will display the contacts that contain the chosen sequence of letters
* Press the action button to switch between selected contacts
* You can alos input a phone number by selecting the buttons with corresponding numbers and double press action button to dial this phone number

Useful features:

* alternative ways for speedy look up of contacts
* full compatibility with standard contacts (all default options supported)
* sorting contacts by first or last name
* adjustable fonts

# Unlocked Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition phones: Nokia N75
# Nokia E50
# Nokia N93
# Nokia N73
# Nokia N71
# Nokia N80
# Nokia N92
# Nokia N93
# Nokia E60
# Nokia E61
# Nokia E70

download VITO QuickContact for Nokia Series 60

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